Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So my laptop had been acting up.. come to find out it had a virus. It's been reading and writing over the same sectors over and over again making my laptop shut down. It funny though... because today Im feeling like greasy grimey gooey gopher guts myself. I've got a cold with a temp of 101.3. This sucks! Oh well... hopefully better tommorow. Been talking to Lexus on FB a little more. She's a kiddo who I met on the Answerbag website back in November. She had been so distraught she was considering doing herself in. She's had a real rough time it seems, but I think she her mom and her hopefully are doing alright. Just hope she knows Im here if she needs to talk, but I think everything will work out good for her. She's young, but she's very intelligent. Not much else on FB tonight. :-/

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