Friday, March 4, 2011

Too quiet around the house since they've been gone - a new FB friend

So Amanda and Conner have been gone since Monday, but it seems like a few weeks already. I miss the lil kiddo. I know they'll be back but sure seems too quiet round the house. Hopefully they'll be back round May/June, but we'll see. Still hard to believe that he's my grandson. I sure don't feel grand at all! I've always asked everyone to call me "g-daddy". Makes me feel my age! :-) Anyways I pray that Amanda and Derek work out and resolve their issues and problems and make their marriage last. I want them closer, but I don't want to be selfish and their marriage suffer.
Anyways, got a new FB freind  - her name is Lexus. Met her a few months ago back in Nov on She's a good kiddo who's gone thru some big time problems and has contemplated suicide herself. So she needs a lil support herself right now. Not trying to be weird or anything, but she is really beautiful too for a teen.
Speaking of teens, I know my niece is gonna be getting into deep trouble here very soon. I figured she'd want to hang out with her friends up in Hertford Saturday, so I asked her if she wanted to Julias. She initalliy said yes, which I was happy just to get her out of Snug Harbor, but I'm guessing she changed her mind and is stayhing down there. No doubt to hang out with another kid who's in need of some serious parenting. Oh well... can't help em all. She's choosing what she wants to do on her own, and if she wants to get into the drinking and pot, well, thats something her mom and dad have to deal with. I'm just her uncle... it's not that I can do anything about it. Anyways...heading down there nevertheless to help out Angela with the video transfer again. Gonna be fun this time, cause I got the software!! LOL

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