Saturday, March 5, 2011

They should think about the future more

Today I headed down to Snug Harbor again to help Angela with the video to laptop issue, but this time I had the program, and everything worked out great. I'm guessing her and Samantha are getting along better ever since Sam has been concentrating on trying to graduate from school. She's smart and has plans which is great!! I really hope everything works out for her. Some of these kids though don't really plan ahead that much anymore. Some seem to think more in the here and now, which is really sad. I really hope she graduates. It'll be a big ego boost she needs.

I grew up in the MTV Generation and it seems like the previous generations had a little more forethought about their future and what they wanted to do with their lives than the next generation. I remember talking to William "Bubba" Landing when we were living in Hertford a while back. The old man used to sit on his porch rocker and tell some amazing stories about his childhood, about growing up in the depression. He had told me that they had to live day by day usually eating only one meal, on the little money they had.  They didn't know where they were gonna be the next day, but they always thought about the future, where they would be in 10 years. I guess that kind of thinking gave them a lil more strength to endure those hard times.
I think maybe kids these days should do the same. I've asked a few of my nieces' friends on FB what they wanted to do, and a couple had a very defined careers planned. One wants to be a Child Psychiatrist. Another wants to be a Pharmacist, but others just said "I don't know", including my niece.

I used to think the same way when I was in school. I really didn't care or give it any thought of what I was going to do in 5 years to graduation. They should think about where they're going to be when they get out of school, what they're going to do with thier lives, what kind of careers will they have. It'll help them concentrate on more important things and make all this drama/relationship/breakups-with-friends stuff just a little easier to endure. I know I wish I did back in the day.

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