Monday, May 9, 2011

Why do I care?

So someone asked me the other day... why do you even get involved with these kids? Why do you even bother?
Two reasons. Because of what they're going thru now, a
nd, because I've seen it before 7 years ago with my own daughter and friends.

I've seen a 13 year old girl get hit, verbally abused, and pushed by her mom, start to cut herself and try to runaway. I've seen a 16 year old get involved with drugs, and a 15 year old become pregnant and become a mom in high school. (she has a 5 years old daughter now)

One of Trudys friends parents are divorced, lives with her Mom and lets he daughter hang out till 10 at night (at 11 years old!). Another girl saw her own mother get killed by her father when she was 7. One girls mom has mental issues and has had to go thru psyc treatment when she through a large book at her own daughter.  Another kiddo who live in Chesapeake had her father die last year from cancer.

It can be soo tough for these kids when life blindsides them and hits them hard. But then they get more drama piled onto thier plate like relationships, BF's, GF's, breakups, arguments between best friends, grades, classes, EOG tests. Sometimes it seems like it doesn't stop. 

So thats why I care about them..... thats why I get involved. I know I can only help so much. I know that...because I'm not family....that I'm just an "Uncle" to some of them....I can only guide them and give em pointers in relationships, and in school. But I do it because I'm a dad and an uncle myself...... and they have a bright future ahead of them.

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