Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A daughters letter to her father

This is a letter that a girl wrote for her father. She's a friend of my niece. She's a beautiful kiddo.

Today ...
may 8th ...
mothers day ...
one year.

you've been gone for one whole year.
it seems like, only yesterday you were pushing me on the swings & teaching me how to ride a bike.
you were the most amazing person i will ever meet.
you were so smart & helpful .
you always believed in me, you always believed that i could do anything, thta i could be anything.
i miss you so much.
word cannot explain.
its so hard, to live with the pain of missing you everyday.
i get stronger everyday though. <3
& its all because of you. 
you taught me so much.
you knew more than anyone i'll ever meet & you didnt even go to college.
but dont you worry, i'll make some outta myself daddy, i'll become someone.
you'll be proud. I PROMISE.

you have fun up there .
you walk he streets of heaven w/ all the other angels. 
you deserve it.
you suffered & stayed strong for so long.
cancer had NOTHING on you.
you didn't lose the fight, you won it. <3

i l o v e y o u w i t h m y w h o l e h e a r t . 

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