Monday, May 16, 2011

Seeing family and friends

Drove down to see family and friends in Snug Harbor yesterday. It was really nice. Stopped by first Angies & Kevins. Sams laptop screen was busted. I figured that. Dipshit probably thew it down on the floor when he got mad at Sami. But thats only speculation. The laptop will be easy to fix. Sams heart is what I worry bout.

She seemed like she was doing alright. I know shes been  stressed out. I mean after the breakup of her and Randy, getting this silly ass senior project done by Tuesday, worrying about graduation, working at McDonalds. The crap can pile up real quick. I told her what she really needs to do is concentrate on one thing... her future and what she wants to do after school. Thats all. She's got a bright future and I hope she makes the best of it. I told her everything else is just a few potholes in the road. Randy doesn't help. His true colors came out the other day. The guy is an ass. One less complication for Sami. She's not even family and I worry bout her, but I know she'll do great.. she's got the stamina and will to go the distance and make the best out of her life :-D

Becky, Jim and the family are doing good. Although I'm guessing Becky is back on the meds. Thats not good and it really bothered Vicky. I wonder who filled the scripts up? I would have refused... Becky doesn't need that crap.... she needs to be active, around the house... spending time with Trudy and Bri. They need her... the last thing Becky needs is those stupid meds! Trudy has strep throat... poor girl... it was so bad she was bleeding in the back of her throat! Anyways... she should be on her antibiotics today.

Kinda pissed at my niece though. I read a comment on FB that she wrote. "A hoe will be a hoe" and it really pissed me off because I know who she was talking about. But the ironic thing is she got really hurt when she was called that by Julia just a few weeks ago. The LAST thing she should be doing is calling someone else that. WTF?? She knows it hurt a really sweet kid who didn't deserve that. The more I think about it the more I'm pissed!! Guess my niece is a real hypocrite. Now I realize why all the fukin drama these kids go through... they make it on their own.

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