Saturday, June 9, 2007

A small part of the family put down

We had to put Midnight down. For the past week I noticed she was losing weight and not feeling good. I always thought she could have worms, so we brought her to the vet, but the doctor was out so I had planned to take her the next day but she ran away and had disappeared for two days. (When an animal gets sick, it hides. I think it’s Gods way of preventing infection to humans)
Anyways she was missing for two days, and then we found her lying in the dirt outside behind Vicky’s window. It looked like she had sand on her face, and blood dripping from her nose. (I was trying to keep myself together from the sight of her suffering )
We had rushed her to the vet Wed where the doc said he could try “pulling out all the stops to save her… but would very likely not survive” He was very sensitive but to the point. We decided it was best for her not to suffer anymore. Vicky took it really bad, crying and sobbing… and she was my cat!!...
I mean I loved the animal. She was such a wonderful good cat. She used to wait for me at the door when she’d hear my car, just so she could be petted on her. She never used a litter box, she’d always wait at the front door to be let out !... I’m going to miss her.

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