Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A daughters decision

The good news - Me and Amanda went to the beach Sunday – I needed something like that for a while… It was a very relaxing stress free day.
Bad news (a life changing event for everyone) Kevin called earlier today and told me the Amanda has decided to go to Hawaii and live with Derek. I had expected something like this for some time because we weren’t really pointing her in the right direction (GED, Drivers License, job.etc) All those things should’ve been planned while she was 13-15.

Now the only thing on her mind is to go out to Hawaii and live with Derek. Then what ? What she plan to do with her life?… I don’t know. I’m not mad. I mean why be mad at something you can’t control. She’s 18,she’s a legal adult… I am disappointed and upset, because she thinks this is the only way of being happy. I told her the other day the only way to be happy… to be satisfied with yourself, is to do something, to make a goal for yourself, have a career. Otherwise, all you’ll be is someone’s doormat for some one to wipe their feet on.

I just hope she doesn’t get pregnant, because all she’ll be then is a stay-at-home housewife. I am scared because it’s so far away, and we’ll be unable to help her out.
I’m upset because she is not thinking this thru all the way… Where is she going to stay…what does she plan to do?....besides Derek…does she have anyone else for support?

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