Sunday, June 10, 2007

Kevin & Vickys moving day!

Moving day!,,,, or at least packing and moving weekend. And man was there A LOT OF STUFF!!... Boxes, papers, books, knick-knacs, furniture…etc.
Me and Kevin did most of the hauling of the furniture. I used muscles which I forgot I had!
I’m proud of Amanda and Kenny – they worked their asses off… and still kept up ! LOL (now if they could just apply that kind of work ethic out in the real world)

Anyways Kevin and Amanda are moving in with me, and Vicky, Kenny, Tim and Sue are moving in up with Becky. Gonna miss Kingsbridge (but not that much !) yes.. I think I miss Hertford more that I do Kingsbridge Why?... nothing really improved here.

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