Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spider bite...doesn't hurt...just itches like crazy!

So about two weeks ago last Monday (June 25th), I noticed what I thought was a mesquito bit on my leg. At first I didn't think nothing of it. But later in the week it started getting bigger, first swelling to the size of a dime, then bigger. Now it's July 7th and it's the the size of a quarter. It itches like mad and all I want to do is scratch it, but I know that'll just make it worse. There's no flesh necrosis and the bite hasn't opened or blistered, so I'm just making sure to swap it with Hydrogen Peroxide and rubbing alchohol. After that maximum strength hydrocortisone to stop the itching! A freind told me that it looks like a brown recluse bite....which at first scared me. But after doing some serious research I came to the conclusion my freind thinks he knows it all but doesn't. Sending a pic of the possible spider over to to see if they can identify it. :D

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