Friday, July 27, 2012

Dad feels "jilted" because daughters in love?

So this article caught my attention last week at CNN website and as a dad I had to put my two cents in it.

I'm not sure about feeling "jilted", but as a dad to a daughter I can certainly relate to this article. Daddys little girl is grown up now,with a husband and 2 year old son. As a teen she was growing up quick and a boyfriend who dad was watching like a hawk.
The Sunday morning bike riding trips with daddy were being replaced by going to the mall with her boyfriend. Gone were the days when Id come home from work, and she'd give me a bear hug.

Dad was set on the back burner.
A leftover placed in the fridge. Not needed.

I had been depressed but looked towards the future with hope. I miss those days. Maybe it was the innocence and sweetness.
The fun carefree days that was all miss terribly. I know I'm just a phone call and hug away if she needs me.

And as for being a "leftover" in the fridge?
Sometimes...just sometimes the leftovers are better the second time around  :)

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