Thursday, July 5, 2012

Been a while...fireworks and a lifeguard

Alot of things been happening in the past two months. Guess you could call them "life changing events". My ex's mom passed away in May (who I was close to) and my daughters having marital problems. Among others things I'd rather not get into.

Anyways brought my son, daughter and grandson to see the fireworks in Norfolk last night. Conner was pretty uneasy and was scared at first. But once he realized they wouldn't hurt him he stated to relax. By the finale his face was lit up with a big smile. When everyone applauded he was clapping right along! It was really cute. He's a really good kiddo. It was a pretty good show too!

Anyways...I read about this lifeguard, Thomas Lopez out in Hallendale Beach, FL. Thomas was fired for going outside his "zone" to rescue a man from drowning. Susan Ellis, his supervisor stated "we have liability issues and can't go out the protected (zoned) areas"

Liability issues from what Susan Ellis? Trying to save another's life? Susan needs to reevaluate why she's a lifeguard. Don't allow a contract to define "zones" where you can and cannot save a life!  If you're going by regulations and rules be a lawyer!
These lifeguards have "value of life" and are heros in my book. If I owned a lifeguard company I'd hire these guys on the spot. Thomas should be commended.

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