Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What happened?... was it a time warp?.. Worm Hole?

Ok.. so my last blog was in June!.. what happened?... time warp?... nope     Worm Hole?.... nope

Call it plain ol laziness.... yup and the fact of me working two jobs...  
Yup... I quit HRT (the taxi company) and got hired by Sprint as a customer retention agent (not fun! ) AND doing the computer repair thing on the side as well (really fun) 
Anyways I've been working building up my customer client base and it's looking good. Real good because I'm not sure if the Sprint thing is gonna last or not (love the's got great rate plans and all... but the systems and processes are complicated/confusing) So Danielle, Reanee, and RD all have Facebook pages now and am looking forward on catching up on old times. I miss my family... :-(   

 I wish I could warp back to the past.... like 20 years ago - I prob would redo a few things over again if I could

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