Friday, September 3, 2010

Scared for the next generation

So I'm on Facebook and I caught back up with Jennifer Wray (Rinaldi) - She just had a beautiful little girl in August. I've caught up with Tommy as well... and HE'S a father as well!. (blew my mind) A name on Jennifers friend list caught my eye. Belinda... omg... yup sure enough it's Belinda from down the street in Hertford. Anyways she's a mom as well (not sure if she has one or two kids)
So the kids I knew 10 years ago who were only 13-15 are having kids and families of their own. I don't know what scares me more... that time is flying faster, or that every generation seems to be starting families younger. And now Trudy is crazy over boys now. She's grown up too fast. She's got her dads eyes though. Very pretty

Anyways I've also caught up with Reanee, Danielle, and RD - Facebook has a way of bringing out family and old friends huh? So we're catching up on old times. Reanee mentioned that the last time she saw Amanda and Kenny was when we bought them to Disneyland.
Sheesh, Amanda and Kenny were like 7 and 6 each. I remember it was a really cold gray rainy day!

I wish I could turn back time and experience it all over again

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