Monday, September 13, 2010


Frustrated and wondering if my kids mom really cares about her health.
At 43 she should be fit, doing walks around the apt complex, getting outside and breathing fresh air, and doing shopping... you know.. stuff most women do on a daily basis. 

Instead, she lays down on the couch all day, smokes bout 2 packs a day (burns most of them half asleep), watches the trashy talk shows, Maury and Jerry Springer, all on a diet mostly of Diet Coke and Icecream. And she then wonders why she gets depressed.

All this on top of having two heart attacks two years ago. The doctor told her she needs to change her lifestyle, stop smoking, and eat better and she'll improve her health. She still has yet to do anything of the sort. Tonight we (Aaaron & Kenny) went grocery shopping for the nightly dinner that never gets planned ahead. The total was $96.00 including 4 packs of cigs (thats $25 in itself mind you).
So Vickys' card gets declined and we have to give back the cigs and cookies and I end up having to pay for the food. Then Vicky gets upset about not having cigarettes! She just doesn't get it.... I'm not buying them anymore cancer sticks......Then she makes Aaron and Kenny go back to Food Lion to buy cigs with Sues card! uuugh!

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