Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wonderful Tuesday

I mean that in a sarcastic way as the work day started off really sucky. At 7am I get a call from Roger (dispatcher at HRTI) wondering where I was as my shift started at 5am... then I get stuck at the tunnel for 25 minutes, then Robin pulls me aside asking why the school pick-up schedule was not given to Trevor this weekend. The thing was buried under all this paperwork on Kens desk!! If they had MS Outlook for interoffice email, things like this wouldn't happen.
Thats a major bone I have with this company - for a taxi company thats been in business for OVER 30 years, you'd think they would keep up with the times and have some sort of interoffice communications besides shoving papers/reminders in everyones lockers. And using outdated MS 2008 Streets and Maps where you can't search for businesses is ridiculous. They should be using Google Maps which is constantly updated, free and you don't need individual licences. Thankfully only 2 more weeks

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