Saturday, June 12, 2010

Abby Sunderland gets rescued

I knew right away when I heard about Abby Sunderland, that her trip to circumnavigate by sailboat was going to be quite different than the other teen, Jessica Watson. For the original blog on this:

First Abby encountered problems right off the bat and had to stop into Cabo San Lucas for generator repairs. Then by the tone of her posts she didn't seem as upbeat and positive as Jessica was. (Jessica would tackle the problems and have that "oh ... it's just a little problem" attitude. Abby seemed to have alot more issues with her boat... and alot more problems she did have.

In the first week of May she had to stop again in Cape Town for repairs on her autopilot rig. She left Cape Town on June 6th and on June 10th she encountered 30ft seas with at least 5 "knock downs" !!
She states one of the "Knock downs" is when her sailboat got "demasted" - Serious Issues!!

There was a 12 hour rescue involving Australia and French. Alot of criticism has hit the parents allowing a 16 year old to go alone circumnavigating.

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