Monday, July 28, 2003

Yea!!.. I'm back among the employed !

July, 28, 2003
Well....I've gotta job !! The bummer is that it's not exactly the kinda job that I like....I'm working at HUDD, which is a distribution warehouse for Target and Wallmart as a forklift driver loading and unloading trailers full of merchandise.....YEE HAA!!! just what I like !! (sarcasm)...It's not quite the meaningful job that I've been searchin for....but again I've only got a couple more months anyway so it doesn't really matter huh ? The hours REALLY suck !! Fri, Sat & Sun - 12hr shifts from 7pm-7am. How does that REO Speedwagon go? You gotta "Roll with the Changes"...LOL !

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