Thursday, July 24, 2003

Tims Back!! LOL

Aug 20th, 2004
Adam & Kelly stayed the night. They stopped in around 9:00 and like within 20 minutes Kelly was crashed out on the love seat with Adam. I know they're going through some problems right now. I can sometimes see it in Kellys face when she has that worried look. I really hope they last. I worry bout them. Well...guess who showed up the other day ! Tim !!...yeeha ! (sarcasm). Jim, who's down in Columbia doing all his Navy Security stuff told Becky he better be out by the time he comes back...yikes !!!...It seems official...Sam will be moving in with Becky and the gang soon....She told me that Cindy knows but not yet Rusty........ooops !! Big Amanda's starting to show now, she's 4 months (i think ?) She's been getting sick alot lately. It's gonna be a long tedious 5 months

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