Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Time flies

Oct 1st, 2003
Sheesh !!, that bums me’s October already and we’ve lived in the Kingsbridge Apt since April. Yikes does time fly !!! I’m gonna miss summer….of course I always do….thats like my fun-in-the-sun time!
I messed up last might with Vicky….She had asked me if I still thought of Becky as a sister…..well….I love/care for her as family….but not really as a sister. And Vicky got upset and hurt about that. I love the family with all my heart….but it’s really frustrating when I see all their lives….(Sue, Becky, & Vicky) going nowhere but down the drain.
I realize they all have health problems but what’s the sense of living if you’re in bed all day letting those problems take you over. I mean NO WONDER THEY GET DEPRESSED!! It’s very difficult to care about someone when that person doen’t even care about themselves. I’m just really stressed out because of that. Well… heart is still out to the family, I miss my Mom & Dad, my sisters (Reanee’ & Danielle, & my brother (R.D). They have all since married, have now had babies and have started families. And I haven’t seen any of them in 5 years.

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