Saturday, May 24, 2003

Back in the day - a beginning of a journal

Sat May 24, 2003
Today I've decided to start an electronic journal...pretty cool idea I think !!

We moved up to the Kingsbridge Apts here in Chesapeake April 9th and things are just now getting ironed out.....Becky has stopped her about the apartment being small. Now she complains about her back (gotta be somethin huh?!!) She's really kinda in a bind though....being she's 4 months pregnant, and has a 5 year old (Trudy) already.
Amanda (big) got into a car wreck up in Chicago....serious wreck were she could've been killed not wearing her seatbelts....the only thing that saved her was the airbag. She is sooo not happy right now....she misses all her friends up in Chicago (Amy, Micheal, Tab, etc...) ...I wish I could help her out somehow.......she was cryin earlier talking to her brother Brandon down in Florida.
She's just soo lonely and unhappy...I'd try to cheer her up but it's only temp.....her Dad needs to really help her out......Sounds kinda familiar huh??? (With Tab?!)

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