Saturday, May 31, 2003

The crap just hit the fan !

May 31,2003
Becky & Tim got into it last night.....Bobby kept coming over doing his hourly round like he always does...then not even after he goes back over to his Apt, he calls up asking for me (to pick up his Dad), Tim was kinda hot becuase Bobby I guess coulda asked for me while he was over...Anyways Tim gave Bobby the seventh degree and Becky got pissed at Tim for....well you know....crap just hit the fan !! Kelly graduated last night from High School, Kevin, both Amandas and Kenny showed up...watched Kelly accept her diploma then left....I can understand why they didn't hang around any longer....Kelly and Adam haven't excactly been really social around here lately. About two weeks ago they came up here to Chesapeake, went to the mall, saw a movie, then came over to visit about 20 minutes then took off !!!! Pretty rude the way they handled it.

Today Adam & Kelly stopped by with a friend (Josh), hung around for about 20 minutes, then took off to go see a movie (Bruce Almighty) in Joshs truck....without Josh!!!.....kinda messed up I think!........Anyway Bandons' spending the night again (last night also)....Amanda his head over heels about this guy.....AND I DON'T Trust the guy!!!! Sorry kids just can't control your hormones sometimes....and Dads can see right thru that.

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