Thursday, April 29, 2010

A really, really crappy month

So.. back in Febuary I gave Derris and Steve a heads up that my last day at the house will be April 30th. Well that day is arriving tommorow, and I really haven't been able to get everything totally moved out. I don't have a truck to move the entertainment center and couch, and I really need another person to help me out. I'm gonna grab Kenny tommorow morning. The worst was encountering Derris on the road yesterday. So they found out the electric was cut off... and Derris went off ballistic cussing, and ranting being the pissy person he is, telling me "they cut the @#$$ lines!". Dude... chill.. I said I'll pay for it. Anyways he looked like he was gonna break a blood vessel.

I talked to Eugene today who told me Bro Van died yesterday. SO far this month, my car was impounded, my licence suspended, Kevin and Vicky are always broke and Vicky won't stop smoking, I'm needing to move out before I even hear the "E" word, and a close friend dies. This has been really, really bad month. Probably the worst in a few years.

Hey - on the bright side Siobhan Magnus(the screamer)was voted off and Crystal Bowersox wasn't even in the bottom three last night on Idol !!... LOL

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