Sunday, April 11, 2010

Everyone is having kids/babies!

Amanda is getting bigger every day. She's 14 weeks preggo... every day closer to me becoming a "G-dad".. I'm not ready at all for this to happen. Why?... 1st because I think I'm too young to be one. 2nd - I don't think Amanda and Derek are quiet ready yet. I know they've been married two years now, but I don't think Derek can handle being a father. I know Amanda has been around and handled babies, which she has really impressed me, but this is permanent. She won't be able to hand this one back when she want to go out and have fun :-( - time has seemed to speed up lately as well.

It's weired but in the past two years, everyonebody, and I mean EVERYBODY seems to be starting famileis and having babies!! Sam and Bobby, Amanda and Derek, Ashley Wessels, Marlayna Prible, Bobby Hodges & Lisa...etc

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