Friday, April 6, 2007

Just a lil frustration.. just a little

Well, I took off the past three days so I could help everyone move from the apartments, BUT as plans with Vicky usually never follow thru, I sat around and wasted 16 hrs of PAL time, and to top that off Vicky found out that all the stuff in storage that was supposed to be sold/auctioned off she was able to buy back for $800.
$800 dollars !
I think that was such a waste because Sue will probably NEVER see her dolls, and the money could’ve been used for covering Rent/Bills…etc.
I told Vicky she should get her priorities straight as the family won’t have a roof over their head, but have a lot of dolls to play with!...LOL !

Amanda surprises me every day J As she and Bri were walking down to the gas station, a guy pulled up to both the girls and asked if they needed a ride. The girls of course said no, but as they looked inside his car they noticed the man was jerking off right in front of them! I give Amanda a lot of credit because she was smart enough to get the license number! They were interviewed by the lady cop who patrols the area. Amanda is still in shock.

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