Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A serious emergency

We all had a big scare this past weekend. Amanda started getting sick Friday, throwing up and getting serious cramps. Anyways I met Vicky and Kevin over and Patient First, where they took X-rays and tested for pregnancy, both turn out nothing. So, with their ‘expertise’ they diagnosed Amanda having kidney stones. Anyways, they gave Amanda something for the pain and nausea and sent her on her way home (I’m finding out this is something Patient First is really good at). Buy Saturday afternoon, Amanda was still really sick so Vicky and Kevin took her over to Chesapeake General were they conducted pelvic exam and to find out that Amanda had a tampon in her for over a week. (I was getting really worried… because now I’m thinking about TSS and all the stories on that) The doctors then gave her a booster shot of antibiotics and headed home after that.
Meanwhile she cannot keep anything down whatsoever to the point where she is throwing up bile and getting very dehydrated. I even tried to get her to drink Pedialyte and eat a handful of Applejacks, in which she just threw that up 5 minutes later. So I took her back to Chesapeake, to if anything, at least get an IV in her to re-hydrate and put some fluids in her.
We spent over 5hours from 12am to 5am (Sunday morning) there. They shoved an IV in and also did a urine and blood test, which came out nothing, which shocked me, because I would’ve expected something. Anyways, I called right before I came home tonight, and Amanda is up, and 10lbs lighter as she only weighs 95lbs! But she’s feeling a lot better… and from she told me she just ordered an Italian Sub. J J he-he (Kenny helped around the house doing her chores)
We’ve got some wonderful kids. I feel we’re very blessed to have wonderful kids. I just want them to do something with their lives, because they have so much potential, but I feel Vicky isn’t really encouraging them enough.

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