Monday, July 18, 2011

Learning to live

Relationships come and go in our lives. Our hearts get touched by that one person and we feel happy. We feel loved. Yet the one person who you thought loved you....that one single person that you'd thought would be their no matter what simply leaves.......dumps you, making you feel like trash.
Sometimes you don't even know what to do with yourself. It feel lost and it's painful at times.

Sometimes things don't turn out as planned. Life never does.

We just got to see another day as a wonderful opportunity to make the next day a bright wonderful one. To make the best out of it. To get up the next morning and remember to breath.... to place one foot in front of the other and live again. To enjoy time with the coworkers we work with, and the classmates with go to school with. We got to turn to our family who is thier for us and our best friends we share our memories with. Those are the times that count. Those are the times that are special.

Be there for each other. Care for each other. Thats what life is all about right?

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