Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family visit!!

So I had a very busy Saturday - was out on field service this morning, Headed down to put together Eugenes system, (but issues with password prevented logging into Windows - will fix that later), stopped by the park and enjoyed visiting bros and sisters from Sono Kingdom Hall, and headed down to Bobby and Sams for a get together with Jim, Becky and the kids.

Bri has gotten soo lovable, always hugging me! Trudy is attached to the phone and talking to Cody (her current BF) Bobby and Sam seem to be doing really good. (although I do worry bout their relationship)
Had a blast with Bri and Arianna on the trampoline - god that wore me out - I felt 5 years older afterwards... but it was fun. I wish that they had a trampoline twice as big and have everyone in the whole neighborhood on it!! man..that would be crazy! LOL!!!

Anyways finally met Carrie, one of Trudy friends - very sweet girl - I gave her a big hug (and never wanted to let go)  Just want to tell her thier are plenty of people, family and friends who care about her. :-(

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